Looks like Hollywood is in the midst of alien invasion craze.
Check out the growing list of  Alien invasion movie projects  that are coming to the cinemas:

Super 8 – JJ Abrams with Steven Spielberg producing.
I am number 4 – DJ Caruso with Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay producing.
Alien Prequel with Riddley Scott…

Alien Invasion project with Sam Raimi and Producer Bill Block
And on and on and on…

Guess it’s only a natural progression after the Vampire  and supernatural craze.
It all started with the Harry Porter franchises, to the Twilight crapola sagas, and now Hollywood moves on to the Alien sci-fi genre.
Through it all though, there is one enduring genre of movies that never faded despite all these other revolving door of genres.

I am talking about the genre superhero movies.
Seems like comic book readers of all ages  are supplementing their cravings for their favorite superheroes by watching them on the big screen.
Which make this particular genre a lucrative franchise money maker that keeps on giving throughout the years; past present and future.