Re-watching “PUSH

Last night I re-watched the 2009 “sci-fi in real world setting” movie PUSH.

The movie starred Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, and Camilla Belle among its ensemble casts.

When this movie came out, it was totally snowed over by the public due to overkill from the same-themed tv serie HEROES where ordinary looking people have extraordinary power.

Audienced did not even bother to give PUSH a chance by going to see the movie. Had they did, they would be wholly entertained by it’s clever plot lines, gorgeous location, slick cinematography, and the nifty special effects.

In the time where movie like INCEPTION received high praise and being called the new classic, PUSH should fit right in. Instead, PUSH came out a year early, was ahead of its time, and suffered a marketing mistake from the studio which let people believe, through the trailers, that this is a similar version of what they see in HEROES on tv, week after week. Now who would want to pay money to watch what they can get for free on tv, right?

Well this is one decent movie that got away, IMHO….