Those two are the movies stand out this weekend.

I recommend Nowhere Boy, a story about the teenage John Lennon as told by his sister. I saw this movie back in September last year as part of the test audience. To me, it was a good movie because I know nothing about John Lennon prior to The Beatles and this movie fill the void about his biographical information.

Nowhere Boy did everything it could to not mention any word “Beatle”, which I suspect clear the red tape of having to ask permission from the said brand and also heightened the mythology and the excitement of anticipation.

Nowhere Boy came out in England on Christmas day 2009 and by now the lead actor who is now 20 years of age, has become the fiancé to Sam Taylor Wood, the 43 years old director of Nowhere Boy and their baby girl was born on July 2010.

Now, as for “My Soul To Take”, I know nothing about that movie and am excited to go see it this weekend. The mere fact that it is a horror movie directed by Wes Craven and in 3D is enough of a draw to get me to the cinema. There is also another horror movie that come out this weekend that is a remake from the 1959 movie with the same name; “I Spit On Your Grave” that pique my curiosity.

All of you reading my blog probably get the hint by now that I am a fan of horror and dark themed movies.

I will post this weekend if I indeed make the time to go and see these new horror flicks.

In the meantime, if you have the time, go check out “Nowhere Boy” to see how the young John Lennon is shaping himself into the Lennon we know in the Beatle and beyond.