Roll on… I Spit On Your Grave

What a waste of time and crap-tastic the movie “My Soul To Take” was.

I guess everyone in Hollywood realized that they can make an extra 4 bucks per ticket if they labelled their movie 3D format even though the only thing that is 3D in “My Soul To Take” is the movie title credit. But that is the LEAST of the problem of this movie. The story was dragging, the characters are not sympathetic and their behaviors were contraditing. I don’t want to bore readers with overanalyzing a movie like a real critics, which usually lost me halfway reading their dissection of a movie they love to hate. I am going to make a new way of labelling a movie that I like or hate by simply getting to the point. This movie suck! There, that’s my rating to it.

So now the other horror new release that I want to see is the very small indie remake of the original small indie but cult status “I Spit On Your Grave”

I am hoping this is a decent fright flick that will redeem the weekend for me and wash away the leftover bad taste from “My Soul To Take”.

More review to come… (If I went to see it today…)

Courtest of Anchor Bay Film