I have the priviledge of watching HEREAFTER last night since it opens in NYC this weekend and expanded countrywide starting next Friday.

It was typical slow pace Clint Eastwood movie but doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie. Unlike many other movies or reality pyschic shows on tv, the story here focus on the isolation of those who have the gift of connecting with the afterlife such as Matt Damon character as well as those who have “died” and came back to the life, such as the character played by Cecile De France. Not a bad movie, but dragging in some parts. It sure drew some tears from last night’s audiences though. Especially those who had been in the similar situation before or who have lost loved ones.

I also saw RED this weekend. RED is part of a new release movie came out this Friday nationwide from Summit Entertainment, the studio who put out those tween crap-ola The Twilight Saga.

However, this movie is  a real winner! I did not know much about the story or plot line and the preview to RED have not been a bread winner to pique audiences’ interest and lure them to the cinemas to see this movie.

But RED turned out to be a rip roaring, action packed and gut busting fun-filled movie for the action fans and comedy fans as well. Everyone is top notch in here but John Malkovich is the clear winner because this skilled thespian stole EVERY single scene he is in and keep you laughing all the way to the end credit.

I highly recommend it!