Last night I went to see “Enter The Void” and it live up to all the expectation I bestowed upon that film.

It was visually jarring and stimulating at the same time, very creatively shot, and a movie like I have never seen before…

However, this is the type of movie that is not for everyone, especially if they do not like indie, euro-style, non-linear storytelling kinda movie. I, however, crave movies like this and actually look for them to satiate my quest for originality.

Moving forward to next weekend, I am excited to see the third installment of the Stieg Larsson trilogy that opens on Friday the 27th. What will happen to the Lisbeth Salander character and how will it measure up to the previous two in the trilogy?

Guess it all will be answered next Friday.

On another note, I went to the advance screening of “Paranormal Activities2” at the 34th street AMC cinema this past Wednesday and there were 650 fools standing in line hoping to get in to see a movie that comes out two days later.

Some of these idiots even showed up at 3 PM to stay in line to see a movie that starts at midnight. Just like the screening for the first Paranormal movie, Paramount Studio cleverly sent out an overaboundant amount of invite to lure people to show up and stand in the long line so the studios camera crews and photographers  can video tape the long line to show the hype of the movie and send the tape to the newsstation to get free press.

The catch is, on the first screening, only about 35 people were let in to see the movie while the 450 some people was sent away after they were being used as a publicity tool.

I told the people standing at the back of the line that they were just a free tool to get press by the studio and they will never ever get in to see the screening. These fools somehow thought that the movie were going to be screened in the entire multiplex. However, I asked the organizer and was reluctantly informed that they only booked ONE screening room which will house a max capacity of 200. There are over 650 people in line, folks… Do the math…!

You are all being used as free publicity tool by the studio and didn’t even know it!!!!