On to the next….

After a dissapointing viewing of “Skyline” , a low budget sci-fi alien invasion movie shot on digital video, I am setting my expectations low on all the upcoming movies from now to the next summer.

However, Red Riding Hood poster and picture of Amanda Seyfried looking behind her shoulder looks mighty enticing but the preview was very boring. That plus the tag line “From the director of TWILIGHT”, really put a buzzkill into the anticipatory effect because really, since when the director credit for a borefest like TWILIGHT become a benchmark quality for an anticipated movie?











The green lantern first preview trailer is also not very exciting. It does not really give me the “I REALLY want to see that movie” feeling after seeing the preview. However, I am still going to see it, mainly because of Blake Lively. Ever since “The Town”, I will go see Blake Lively read lines from a phone book.





















On to the news about good films that is out right now, I highly recommend the Korean action/drama movie “Man From Nowhere”. That movie really blown me away with its man-on-a-mission theme, as well as the  marriage of heavy drama and gritty violence.


























In a couple of weeks that has passed where movies like “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest” and “Sklyline” dissapoint and did not live up to the anticipation, I am looking ahead and hope for some movie-watching redemption from the upcoming new releases.