After a whole slew of dissapointing crapola unleashed by Hollywood to the multiplexes, it’s time to make people aware of the best year end films to look out for.

First off, albeit its thin plot and predictable story line, BLACK SWAN is a tour de force performances by every single actor and actress in their roles, none more than Natalie Portman who was hypnotic to watch from the beginning to the end of the movie.

Another upcoming movie to look out for is BLUE VALENTINE, which I was fortunate enough to see at the beginning of this year on a special screening. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams pull out all the stops to portray a couple at the end of a relationship. This movie will definitely leave an impression and stay with you days after you leave the cinema.

If I have three movies I take with me in my memory as the best films of the year and would recommend viewing, they would be INCEPTION, BLUE VALENTINE, and BLACK SWAN.

Everything else is just plain fluff entertainment just to pass the time.