I have the fortunate luck to see the advance screening of HALL PASS a couple of nights ago and couldn’t stop replaying the funny scenes from the movie in my head and had to supress fits of laughter whenever I was in the presence of company for fear of being suspected of loosing my screws.

This movie started like an average lame unfunny comedy Hollywood have been curning out of its tired comedy factory lately.

Things take a turn, however, when Joseph Sudeikis character popped into the screen and both him and Owen, along with all the impeccable funny casts, take this script and run with it.

Audiences in the screening I was in just bust out in fits of laughters over scenes after scenes of funny premises.
I know this movie is going to do well when I walked out of the screening overhearing more than one person telling the other how much funnier this movie turned out to be.

Here’s to the return to form by the Farrelly Brothers.

By the way, the critics are slamming this movie but what do they know, really?

All the audiences care about is they got their money worth from all the laughter they are going to get from this very funny movie.