I had the fortunate (or unfortunate…if truth to be told) luck to see THOR on an advance screening.

However, it actually ruined my experience of Thor because during the screening, the people who screen the movie found out, along with the audiences, that we were watching a defective print that cause the 3D effect not working at all. So all we saw was part of the 3D effects that are just blurred double images, which was very annoying and ruined the experience of watching a what might be a better movie than I would give it credit.

The one aspect I really like and never expected was it’s God-out-of-water comedy riffs when Thor was cast out into Earth by his father Odin to learn humility.

I also like the twist in the origin mythology of Loki, Thor’s brother.

All and all, its a better movie than FAST FIVE, which actually made more money than Thor, despite the fifth sequel of the chase movie  is running out of fresh idea and just bank on its ridiculous unrealistic chase sequences just so the film makers can wreck major cars in the preposterous finale chase scenes.