While this summer superhero movies have been underwhelming in the expectation department, one surprise stand out have been X-men First Class from the X men franchise.

Who would have thunk setting the X men universe back  in the ’60s era could bolster such a cool fashion and settings for the visual eye candy. I agree the CGI in the special effect department have been scant in comparisons to other super hero movies but it more made up for in the clever script and the unique characters in this movie.

My biggest dissapointment has been in Green Lantern movie, which I really anticipated. I went to the advance screening and knew afterwards that the words of mouth will kill the chance of a sequel to this movie. The fact that there are many parts of the movie that do not make sense storyline-wise and my wonderment as to why the film maker make Ryan Reynold such a non-fun character really puzzled me.

Here we have someone who is capable in livened the script up with some funny zingers and he was supressed into playing it dry and straight for fear of audiences not believing his seriousness as a crime fighter… It backfired and caused the movie into becoming a dry cliche-ridden piece of story telling.

On the other hand, I had the chance to see the advance screening of “The Change-up” which take full advantage of Ryan Reynold’s comedic skills and the movie exceeded my expectation despite a storyline of body swapping that have been told and re-told an umpteenth time in different cinematic genres. Ryan Reynold and Justin Bateman managed to invoke a fresh and fun take on the familiar storyline with their great comedic timing skills. It’s fun to watch the two performers on top of their game doing what they do best, making us laugh in a comedy that actually delivers.