There are many dissapointing releases from my list of anticipated movies to watch this summer.

One that come out of the left field, the movie that have minimal advertising push comparing to other big budget tentpole movies this summer, which ended up being one of the best movie I’ve seen this year, is Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

This movie reach into your emotional core and prompted you to cheer and care for the CGI character of Cesar, the main ape character in the movie.

What’s more startling is what a good job Rupert Wyatt did at the director’s helm steering this movie in and out of its emotional core and action sequences. For someone who have only a couple of other indie features under his belt, Mr. Wyatt is certainly one to look out for as the upcoming notable director.

As for other blockbuster movies, Green Lantern turned out to be quite blah and the latest installment of The Transformer franchise was a long and incomprehensible bore that did not connect with any emotional level with its audience, and I don’t think the movie is even care to make an attempt into that territory. Just a loud mindless bang of an excuse for CGI peacockery.

On the comedy front, I thought The Change-Up, Horrible Bosses, and Bridesmaids delivered in spades.

There are a great many new Fall releases that I am very excited about. Let’s hope this new slew of upcoming features do not dissapoint as much as the summer releases had been…