FlickCaster…, back from sabbatical and reporting for duty!

Bond back from the dead, in Skyfall (Photo courtesy of MGM STUDIO)

I have been away far too long due to work, travels, and other unavoidable commitment that I have been squandering this blog for an extended period of time.

For that, I apologize to the few who follow this blog’s update.


Let me kick off this post with my personal review of SKYFALL, the new installment of the Bond movie (picture courtesy of MGM).

Maybe because I have high esteem and expectation of all Bond movie, I find this installment well…, a bit mediocre.

I understand that the current slew of action and super hero movies’ trend is to ground the picture in realism. But as an audience who is a fan of all Bond film, I would like my Bond movie to be pure escapist flick borderline on the absurd. I want my Bond movie to be full of impossible gadgets and outrageous stunts, big epic battle set pieces, and villain with world domination ambition. I get almost none of those in this installment. That’s what fuel my frustration. I truly want to love this movie with all its pedigree casts and crews in it. I mean Sam Mendes as the director and Roger Deakin as the DP, how can this movie go wrong, right? Well, both of those gentlemen did their jobs very well, so where does this movie fall off the regular Bond map? I guess this could be traced to the script, if not anything else…

So since I have been gone, what do you readers think the best movie(s) you have seen since well…, August of 2011?

Wow, have I really been absent for a year and three months?

Time really flew by when you are living it, I guess…
I promise that I will be back to update this blog more often from now on…