How far would you suspense your disbelief to accept a film premise?

Photo courtesy of FILM DISTRICT


This is a movie that was made to showcase some rebel-style attacks and suspenseful action sequences, nothing more.
The premise about the North Korean invasion over Spokane, Washington was not even explained properly.
I assume the sheer implausibility of that happening is too hard to work into the explanation.
The viewers should just accept it and roll with the story.
Just like a make believe war games we were playing as kids.
Having said that, I had a hard time believing anything the characters said and do in this movie because deep down inside, I know this would never happened in real life.
Now one can argue that the premises in the movies like Batman , The Avenger, and Spiderman, would never happen in real life either.
MY take is that this is suppose to be a war movie that is grounded in reality. Just like the Jason Bourne movies, where the characters are believable and the plots are plausible.
This movie, sadly, did not fit into either categories.