Tom Hanks Delivered another Oscar worthy performance in Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips
Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips
Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips

At this point, I will watch anything directed by Paul Greengrass.
The guy can do no wrong in my book. What you seen on screen that look effortless demand pin point precision in directing executions.
Captain Phillips have an ace of an actor in its court to be an Oscar bait movie. Tom Hanks didn’t won two Oscars for no reason. In here, he carry all the heavy dramatic scene on his shoulder and execute it triumphantly.
No spoiler here but toward the end of the movies, all the women surrounding me at the screening were sobbing and wiping their tears off their cheeks from just watching Tom Hanks’ facial expression.
The preview already gave away the premise to the movie and the live news headlines already fave away the ending but what you take out of this movie is the important nuances and the details that you did not get from the news syndication.
It also help that the script elaborate and give a glimpse in the life of the Somali pirates and show their day to day life struggle to make ends meet.
Another great movie out this season to join the other two amazing movies already out in theater; Prisoners and Gravity.