Twilight of Summer releases

Scarlett Johansson in LUCY.  Photo courtesy of Universal Studio
Scarlett Johansson in LUCY.
Photo courtesy of Universal Studio

The major news in the box office this weekend is that of LUCY pummeling HERCULES at the box office.
It’s hardly a surprise because Hercules is an old tired franchise brand that have been outmoded by the release of movies like 300, Wrath of The Titans, and Conan. However, it did not stop Hollywood from trying to revive it into a new franchise vehicle thanks to the people who is savvy enough to sell the rejiggered concept to some rich financiers who are eager to do business with the Hollywood machinery.
And the newly reimagined Hercules is born again.

LUCY, however, is a fresh take of the similar conceit story of a vulnerable girl turned heroine.
Thanks to the star power of Scarlett Johansson culminated from her role in the Marvel superhero movies and the award nominated HER, the movie attracted both the male and female demographics that pads the box office coffer to top Hercules’ take.

This is also serve as a waning sign of blockbuster Summer box office releases for this year.
Other remaining heavily hyped releases coming our way are unproven GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and the sequel to the moderate hit of Sin City, SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR.

I, on the other hand, am more looking forward to INTO THE STORM, the disaster movie that is a fresh of breath air concept comparing to all those sequels and threequels and thinly concepted originals that have been unleashed into the multiplexes thus far this Summer.