Welcoming Spring with this Original, visually stunning, and very suspenseful horror flick

The best horror movie that come out of American Cinema in a very long time.

it followsOnce in a very long while, a movie come out of nowhere and completely blow your mind. IT FOLLOWS is such a movie.
Directed by David Robert Mitchell, a fairly new director, and starring a cast of young unknown.
The genius of the movie is the time period it was set in and the storyline. I can’t elaborate about the premise of the story without spoiling this original gem of a movie.

Imagine, a horror movie that is beautifully shot yet grippingly suspenseful but without any gore and gratuitous violence. What a breath of fresh air.
It opens in limited release in big cosmopolitan cities today but cross your fingers so that it will show in your local cinema within a month or two.
What a big let down it will be if a movie this original and suspenseful does not enjoy wide release so more people can see it.