Selene returns in Underworld: Blood War


Fans of Underworld franchise know that all Underworld installments do not possess exciting script narrative and logic, and they are okay with that. I know, I am one of those fans. What the fans really want to see in the Underworld franchise is how amazing Kate look in the black latex S&M-inspired outfit, running around kicking ass and standing very still in some scenes while letting the camera admire her immaculate fashion styling from her neon aqua cornea down to her combat boots.

This time around, the franchise up the ante in the style department with the addition of white highlights on Kate’s locks. That, ladies and gents, is the main attraction of this installment. and won’t that be enough to blow the fanboy’s mind?
The film maker do not bother to explain the newfound super power that the Selene character acquire in the third act, or whether how she managed to come back from being dead. I am not giving away any spoilers in this article because anyone who watched the  the trailer to this movie already knew that fact.
The fans of Underworld is willing to overlook anything as long as the franchise emphasize on what is really key to all Underworld movies; gorgeous casts looking cool in black S&M-inspired attire, running around battling each other. Let me assure you, in that respect, this installment more than deliver.