Sleepless and Familiar

Jamie Fox in Sleepless. Image courtesy of Open Road Studio

Jamie Fox as a cop in crisis in the action suspense movie Sleepless.
I had a sense of deja vu when I read the title of the movie and premise. But not until about 15 minutes into the movie that it dawned on me, I have seen this movie before in the original French 2011 version called Sleepless Night (Nuit Blanche) starring Tomer Sisley in Fox’s Vincent character. The original movie was a gun wrenching suspense with unpredictable ending. This remake will invoke the same tension, if you have never seen the original version prior to seeing this Hollywood remake.

Unfortunately, since I have already seen the original, the impact of the movie had diminished in a big way. However, not to take any credit away from this remake, the film makers had made the movie as gritty and raw as they possibly can to update from the original 2o11 version. I just hope the ending would be just as raw as the rest of the movie and not ressort to the neat, hollywood political correct ending. Sleepless’ ending should break the heart of the viewers who have already invest in, and root for the Vincent character. That would elevate this suspenseful film into an unforgettable action flick that people will talk about long after it ended.