The Bye Bye Man – Terrible title, decent movie

The Bye Bye Man, image courtesy of STX studio
Image from The Bye Bye Man, courtesy of STX studio
Image from The Bye Bye Man, courtesy of STX studio

I don’t understand why the film maker would want to choose a title this ridiculous for a decently acted movie with an above par story line.
Douglas Smith and Cressida Bonas did a great acting job as the main characters  Elliot and Sasha. They made the viewers care for the main character enough that the audiences gasp when they were both in mortal peril near the end of the movie.
Another unfortunate situation that happened to me was that I watched this movie in a New York City midtown cinema. I don’t know if you have ever went through the experience of watching horror movies in uptown cinema or any movie houses near subway stations, the NYC audiences in those areas are the kings and queens of bad manners. They practically ruin the movie going experience in watching any horror movies that’s playing in NYC by talking loudly among themselves, taking selfies during the movie, and kicking the seats in front of them like they are watching the movie in their own living room.

It’s too bad this genre tend to always attract that type of unruly crowd.