Oscar DVD Screener: La La Land Killer

mv5bntcxmzi5ntu2nv5bml5banbnxkftztgwmji2mzc2mdi-_v1_sy1000_cr0014381000_al_There is currently an unfortunate event that befall the movie La La Land. Those Oscar voters who have seen La La Land on it’s Cinemascope glory on the big screen have been complaining that the movie lost it’s magic when viewed on the regular tv in their homes. I was curious about this and being one of the biggest fan of this movie, I asked an Oscar voter friend to let me watch this movie with him at home to find out if this phenomenon is real. Lo and behold, I have to agree with him and all the ones who complained about this.
This magical movie should be enjoyed on the big screen in your neighborhood cineplex or arthouses. This is the kind of movie that deserve a total undivided attention, not with the pause-play habit you adopt for the convenience of your home movie watching experience.

So for those who watch La La Land through the Oscar DVD Screener and then complained that the movie was just so-so, I only have one thing to say. You have denied yourselves the pleasure of watching this masterpiece by ruining the exprience through watching it at home on your small tv screen.
Go and redeem yourselves by paying for the admission to experience La La Land all over again on the big screen with lush cinemascope visual and awesome surround sound system. You won’t regret it.