What’s really A Dog’s Purpose?

Courtesy of Universal Studio

It’s too bad that the TMZ-leaked video controversy is casting a negative cloud on A Dog’s Purpose because myself as a dog lover, think this movie is a must watch for all who at some point in their lives own a dog. I dare you not to shed any tear on the second half of the movie, all through the end of the movie. This is like Marley and Me times 5. You know what I’m talking about after you watched the movie because I am not about to give up any spoiler, no sir.
Most people who love and treasure their dogs can not conceive of mistreating our favorite four legged companions but not all dogs out there are as lucky as our pooches and this movie briefly shine a light on that fact. I received the pass to watch this movie on the day that the dog-mistreatment video was leaked to TMZ and the outcome was palpable. The screening venue was not nearly a third full and I can count with my fingers how many member of the press and their peers actually showed up to the screening. Granted it was a huge venue but usually a screening, any screening, even a cheesy bad ones, will pack a venue like this. I feel bad for the screening organizer and the film maker.
I saw a huge stack of the movie passes as thick as 4 inches, left on the stoop in the cinema lobby when I walked out of the screening….. Sad Emoji.