Blown away by Split

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Okay, without giving away any spoiler to SPLIT, the new M Night Shyamalan’s new movie, how freaking awesome was that last five second of the movie?
Without revealing anything, I have to clarify my statement about the ending. I was watching SPLIT with the general audiences who varies between the ones who follow M Night’s movie, and then there are some who have no clue about what other movies he did in the past.

The ending to Split will have the biggest impact on the ones who is familiar with M Night’s movies. I was somewhat amused to watched a big group of millenials who were annoyed from seeing viewers who were oooh and aaah-ing the ending. These millenial felt like they were not clued in on the big secret.

I was inducted to the fandom of M Night after watching Sixth Sense. Those were the times when I was anticipating every single one of his releases. Unfortunately, his creative juice experienced a long draught, starting from The Lady In The Water. He completely lost me in The Happening, which was dubbed as the first R rated movie from director M Night Shyamalan. Mother Nature was the killer of human by spreading pollen in the air? Not buying it.
I did something that was unthinkable a decade prior. I walked out of The Last Air Bender. It was possible the worst attempt by Hollywood at making a martial art movie. It looked like M Night never watched a single GOOD Asian Martial Art movie for research before making this movie. It was big budget garbage.
I did not bother with After Earth when that movie came out because it did not look or feel like an M Night’s kind of movie. After watching it on the plane, my suspicion was confirmed.

My interest was pique, however, when the last weekend’s box office number was announced. M Night is back in # 1?
Could it be? Is it possible that the maestro got his mojo back? I felt his renaissance started in the movie THE VISIT. That was a sufficiently very low budget but very effective piece of gross out suspense thriller. I had to find it out so I bought a ride to his latest latest creation, SPLIT. I was not very thrilled at the trailer to this movie because it was shown too many times in cinema previews. However, everything changed when I walked out of the cinema. M Night did it again, this time, with such a sly sleight of hand, he totally hoodwinked the viewer in to believing they were watching one kind of movie for the two hours of the movie only to reveal that we have all been watching  another genre of movie altogether.

Well played Mr. Shyamalan, well played.
If you are a fan of M Night’s movie, I highly recommend going to see this movie ASAP before someone go and spoilt it for you. It didn’t take much to give away the big reveal at the end of the movie, then you just deprived yourself of a unique M Night experience.

Image courtesy of Universal
Image courtesy of Universal