The Ring legacy continues, or not…

Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures

When I first saw the not very exciting trailer to 2017 horror movie Rings, a thought came into my mind. Is this necessary?
The first two remake of the Japanese horror starring Naomi Watts were admittedly, a worthy American versions of the Japanese Rings legacy. Thanks to Naomi Watts as an excellent actress, who made us care and fear for her life, that made those Rings movies so suspenseful and exciting to watch. On top of that, the original remake was made by Gore Verbinski, a top-notch director with high standard in taste and visual mastery (can’t wait to see his upcoming A CURE FOR WELLNESS), and the second Ring was directed by the original Japanese Ring director, Hideo Nakata, that Ring 1 and 2 turned out to be a high-caliber productions.
Now let’s look at this new Ring and put it side by side with the previous two versions.
There are 6 writing credits (including the original Japanese writer) to this movie, including Akiva Goldsman, a well-known script doctor. Seeing this credit with him in it, I couldn’t help but think the story to this movie was having some kind of development trouble early on that warrant the help of a top-notch script doctor to bang it into somewhat okay shape.
Then we have the unknown casts, aside from the great Vincent D’Onofrio, who couldn’t really connect with the audiences. Believe me, I tried to care for them but in the end, I felt the same with the other audiences in the cinema I was watching it in. We gave up on going along for the ride. Some of us reacted with sustained giggles, other let out soft groan. Either reactions were not good. As modern movie audiences who could sense a movie studio’s ulterior motive who sacrificed good storytelling with medicore script which purpose was to sets up a new movie franchise, we refuse to be taken for fools and go along with whatever the studio sold us on.
This new Rings could be great had it possessed a worthy suspenseful and terrifying script to the Rings Legacy, some great young casts that can carry a movie, and a talented director as the leader. Unfortunately, it possessed none of those elements and I left the cinema feeling nonplussed about what I just watched for an hour and 42 minutes.