John Wick, Chapter 2: The excitement continues

It felt like not very long ago when I brought a friend of mine to a screening of the first John Wick in an uptown cinema. Not until we arrived had we realized that we were actually attending the world premier of the movie John Wick. We also found out, when we get our seat assignments, that we were seated in the middle of the aisle on the second row from the screen. We were lamenting about how these were the absolute worst seat possible to watch a movie like John Wick and felt kinda bummed before the movie even started. The silver lining to this whole experience turned out to be that because it was a world premier, before the movie started, there is  a presenter who came out to brought to the front of the auditorium all the principal actors, directors, and producer to introduce the movie to the premiere attendees.
So there they were, Keanu Reeves, Willem Dafoe, John Leguizamo, etc…, stood less than three feet in front of us. I distinctly remember Keanu was very enthusiastic about all the members of the casts who were standing next to him and about the movie that we were about to watch. I believe deep down, he knew he had delivered a good entertainment product to the audiences. I had to say, that we had the worst neck pain and dizzy spell by the end of the movie that night. Fortunately, I was invited to the second screening of John Wick and wanting to made it up to my friend who is already a fan of this movie, I brought him along and we sat at the comfortable viewing distance and managed to enjoy the movie like a normal person should.
Fast forward 2017, this John Wick sequel doubled down on everything fun about the first movie and sets up a very interesting premise for the third installment. Oh, believe me, after seeing the ending of Chapter 2, you would want to see what is going to happen to John Wick in the third installment. The background to all the fight sequences were breathtakingly beautiful. Most of them were supposed to be taking place in NYC but I recognized right away two of the interconnected battle scenes were shot in Montreal, one in the underground passageway and the other one is at a park near Chinatown. Kudos for the film maker for putting them together so seamlessly and the whole of it made NYC look like on hell of a futuristic city to go visit.
The final showdown location reminded me of halls of mirrors in Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon, only in this movie, it was all polished with sleek neon color and floor and ceiling mirrors. Not an easy situation to shoot a scene without seeing the reflection of the camera on the mirrors, I tell you. This sequel deliver everything a John Wick fan asked for and then some. The opening sequence alone, where John Wick went looking for his stolen car, sets the tone to the entire movie. And the ending sequence to the movie, shows us how this franchise can improve upon itself by turning the table on the protagonist. The John Wick series is now a bona fide franchise with a legion of faithful followers.
Now if only Keanu will entertain the idea of reviving his character John Constantine in another installment of the occult detective adventure, us horror fans will really have something to get super stoked about.