Dan DeHaan and his Cure For Wellness

Image Courtesy of 20th Centure Fox Studio

I would watch anything that Gore Verbinski directed. He is  a master in cinema visual styling. All his movie have a very moody and sleek look that is very pleasant to the eyes.
This movie is no exception. I don’t think I would categorize this movie as horror because it is not a scary movie nor it is a torture porn. It is more like an expensive indie movie that have the look and feel of a big budget studio production.
I was trying to concentrate hard not to lose my interest in the movie because  I am trying to find out what is the point to all this visual tease. When the end come, well.., it’s pretty much what I expected, a bit far-reaching but the visual more than made up for the story’s shortcoming. Dan DeHaan and Mia Goth are definitely a pair of perfect casting to inject weirdness into this movie.
This is definitely one of those movie best enjoyed on the big screen to appreciate its gorgeous cinematography and full weirdness.
This seems like the year Dan DeHaan emerge as the leading actor. He’s got a new big budget sci-fi movie coming out called Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets.
But I believe the other upcoming new movie Tulip Fever that will solidify his place as the new hollywood male heart throb.