Jordan Peele’s GET OUT lives up to its hype

image courtesy of Blumhouse Productions

Okay, I initially scoffed at the preview of GET OUT because it was shown so many times during previews in movies I watched. I blew off every single advance screening of GET OUT that I was invited to because I refused to stay in line to watch a movie that I was not very interested in.

Then it happened, the word of mouth started rolling in and GET OUT hit that benchmark review that signal it as a  must watch movie, The Rotten Tomatoes rate it 100%. It’s highest rate ever given to a movie.
Now that pique my interest so I went to watch it Friday night. And guess what, I had to go to three different cinemas in order to get a ticket. So you see, by the time I sat down, the expectation is high.

I have to say, this movie lives up to its hype. The movie had a lot of implausibility in its premises but the story weave itself so seamlessly that you forgive all the weak points and swept up in the suspense and gory violence.
Everyone in the movie was great though. Especially Daniel Kaluuya and Alison Williams. Their on-screen chemistry is the great misdirection in the movie and when the big twist came around, your jaw will drop.

I hope after this, Jordan Peele get to make more horror suspense movies.