Good bye, Wolverine aka Logan

It’s amazing to think that Hugh Jackman has taken on the role of Wolverine for 17 years. I knew nothing about the X men universe when I watched the first X men. I still do not know much about that universe because I stopped reading comic books since I was 18. That did not diminish my enjoyment of a good movie based on a comic book. I can say the same to LOGAN, which apparently was loosely based on the comic book Old Man Logan. This movie is every bit as suspenseful, melancholy, and above all, as good as everyone said it is.
This movie feels grounded with its lack of CGI effects and I embrace its western genre tone. The movie is very well paced, alternating between extreme violent action sequences and quietly dramatic breaks. I wouldn’t be able to handle the movie if it’s non-stop action because the actions here are pulse pounding and ultra violent. By the time the inevitable happened in the end, the audiences still can not believe how it ended and many hung on to the screen credit hoping to see a glimpse of any future installment. Here is a tip for those who are going to see LOGAN, don’t sit around, there is nothing left in the end. The saga of Wolverine ended with the beginning of end credit roll.

However, there’s not to say that there is no extra. The filmmaker wisely put it at the beginning of the movie this time around. So do not turn up late to the screening if you do not want to miss the hilarious turn of Deadpool in LOGAN. Enjoy!