Kristen’s Personal Shopper is the noir version of French Cinema

Image courtesy of IFC Films.

This second collaboration between Kristen Stewart and director Olivier Assayas, who also wrote the screenplay, is pure cinema escapism. It is kinda hard to categorize a movie like this because it blend seamlessly the every day drama of the life of a personal shopper to a famous celeb with the her obsession in trying to connect with her dead twin brother. That’s where the paranormal aspect come into the movie.
The opening scene sets up the tone to the movie with Kristen spending the night in an empty almost run down French Chateau hoping to get  glimpse of sign from her dead twin brother. Cut to ten minutes into the movie, she went about living her life as a personal shopper picking up garments and swerving through the streets of Paris in her scooter.
Kristen Stewart is fast becoming an amazing actress. Gone now her ticks and quirks that she displayed in the Twilight movies. She is hypnotic to watch in Personal Shopper and she is in practically every frame of the movie, which is a good thing.
Her presence made the dull moments fascinating to get through.
There are parts of the movie that raise some question marks and the ending left the audiences trying to make some sense of the meaning in Kristen’s last word. But hey, this is French film and you know what you get yourself into when you bought your ticket to experience it.