Raw, if you dare

Image courtesy of Petit Picture and Rogue International.

Not since I went to the first screening of another French movie with one name moniker INSIDE had I saw audiences ran out of cinema during the movie until I went to watch RAW last weekend. I mean people, mostly women and older couples, literally picked up their belonging and bolt to the exit. Me as a horror fan, determined to stick around to the end and have faith that the ending will be much more shocking than what had come to past so far into the movie.
I was richly rewarded with the shocking revelation at the last frames before the end credit rolled.
This is the kind of movie us horror connoisseurs long for, a straight forward, non-bs terror-fest. Low budget but well made and no subliminal or vague scenes that pretend to have deeper meanings.

If the fact that Julia Ducournau’s first directorial effort does not impress you, she also wrote the screenplay to the movie herself. This made me look forward to what she will be doing next.