Phoenix Forgotten,… easily forgotten

Florence Hartigan as Sophie, discovered the missing melted camcorder containing the lost video footage.

Yet another found footage conceit of a story line with a slightly different spin where there is actual hi def footage accompanying the found footage video scene. The high def quality footage part of the movie follow the missing person’s sister trying to investigate her lost brother, which led to the discovery of a missing video tape lodged inside a melted camcorder.

The difference between this found footage movie that sets it apart from all the other similar flicks from the same found-footage genre is the fact that Ridley Scott, the master director behind Alien and Blade Runner,  act as the producer of this movie. This was what piqued my interest in wanting to go see it in the cinema, expecting it to be a cut-above the rest in quality and storyline. Sadly, it’s not much more exceptional than the other alien abduction conceits that had come before Phoenix Forgotten… Well, if you’ve seen one, you’ve probably seen them all, they said, and I tend to agree here.