SLEIGHT is a sly no budget sleigh of hand.

I went to see Sleight strictly based on the 36 seconds trailer teaser and the promise of  “Ironman cross with Chronicle” and I have to say, for a no budget movie, this little film manage to capture my attention all the way through until the end when it promise something bigger and the screen cut into dark.

Many in the audiences groaned a big dissapointment but I think they come to watch the movie expecting it to be an action flick as promised in the teaser trailer. Don’t get me wrong, all the scenes from the trailer were there but it was not what you expect. This is more an art house movie disguising as something more. It’s a “man walked in the wrong path” type of movie with a little more low-fi sci-fi added in the end to kick up some excitement.
I hope by reading this you will re-adjust your expectation and go  to watch this movie for what it truly is, an art house lo-fi sci-fi hybrid flick.

P.S.: The actress Seychelle Gabriel is hypnotic to watch in this movie. She exude allure and vulnerability while she steal every scenes she was in the movie.