It never comes at night

I only have a very short review on this over-rated film. It Comes At Night is all atmosphere and no substance. If you are expecting a pay off or a big reveal at the end of the movie after all the slow, tension building set up, well, it never turned up. You will leave the cinema wondering why someone is allowed to make  a movie like this and why didn’t any of the producers intervened with an improved final cut. There is a small irish movie that came out a couple of weeks ago with the same theme that is much superior in storyline, acting, and believability. That movie is called THE SURVIVALIST. I had such high hope for It Comes At Night and it show big promisein the first quarter of the movie, but then it just sunk in it’s own slow, nothingness. When the end credit rolls, I can hear dissapointing groans from my fellow audiences and I can’t blame them. They just spent their hard-earned money to watch something that barely more exciting than paint drying on the wall.

Oh, did I mention that despite it’s classification,  this movie is NOT a horror movie?