The Survivalist – taut and never boring

In order to keep me awake during a midnight screening, a movie has to pique my curiosity throughout it’s entire run time. The Survivalist did just that.

There are only three characters in pretty much the entire movie and the script has to be constructed in such a way to keep the story going and made each character exciting to follow.  Mia Goth (aka Mrs Shia LeBouf) as Milja is hypnotic to look at, much like when she was in The Cure For Wellness. Martin McCann bravely carry this movie like the bad ass that he is. And Olwen Fouere as Kathrin, Milja’s mother, is the ultimate example of perfect casting. Make no mistake, this movie is brutal, dark, and wonderfully acted by all three thespians. Al the ingredients  I like a good movie I’m watching to have.

It is available at the art house near you or watch on your computer via Google Play or Amazon Streaming for the price of a cup of grande latte with three pumps of sugar at Starbucks.