The very underrated WIND RIVER, ladies and gentlemen…

Hugh Dillon, Elizabeth Olsen and Graham Greene star in Wind River

Nowadays it’s very hard to find a gem of a murder mystery thriller that’s original. When you see one that’s as good as Wind River and it does not get the attention and exposure it deserve, you want to spread the word far and wide so other people can share the experience. The critics currently lavish their praises on the movie Detroit but having watched Detroit, I have to say that in terms of movie going experience, I put my money on Wind River.
Don’t get me wrong, Detroit is a finely crafted movie. It’s taut and intense, but I left Detroit feeling bummed out. Back to Wind River, aside from the good storyline, it has to be one of the hardest movie to shoot because of the harsh winter environment. Kudos goes to the casts and crews for surviving the weather and turned out an amazing piece of original thriller. Go see it everyone… Peace out.