Annabelle: Creation – a great addition to the new wave of horror classics

I am very impressed with the current crops of recent horror films that pick up the mantle left by their 70’s era predecessors and move the genre forward. We have had a drought of terrible horror movies made for the audiences with bad taste and craving torture porn with no real redeeming storytelling finesse.
In come James Wan, who reignite this horror genre with a mix of good story telling and visceral terror with his movie DEAD SILENCE and the journey to new horror classic began from there.
Two Insidious and two Conjuring movies later, plus producing duties for Annabelle, Insidious Chapter 3, and Lights Out, we have Annabelle: Creation that is destined to notch a place in the new horror classic category.
The trailer to the movie gave you a good indication of the tone and atmosphere of the movie and pretty much tell you what to expect in two third of the movie already. But what the trailer unable to convey is the pure terror you will experience in the last half hour of the movie. That was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The movie moves in a relaxed pace to take you along the journey of these orphaned girls who moved into the big house of this couple who lost their only child 12 years back. Then what follows is the subsequent discovery of the Annabelle doll, and the havoc the entity inside the doll wreak on every character in this movie.
Although slow-paced (which is deliberate), I was totally engaged throughout the movie. To give you a contrast in comparison, I dozed off in the loud and incomprehensible TRANSFORMER: THE LAST KNIGHT within 10 minutes of the movie.
The casts of this movie were perfectly chosen for their roles. Lulu Wilson, fresh off OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL, continues being in awesome horror flicks as Linda, the best friend of Janice, the girl with polio-afflicted leg who discovered the Annabelle doll. Talitha Bateman, as Janice, did an amazing job to exert sympathy from viewers thought her journey in the movie.
Annabelle: Creation is much better than the first Annabelle movie in every way. It’s two for two now for director David F. Sandberg in his resume of crafting good horror movie with awesome mounting suspense and coherent story telling. His first horror movie was LIGHTS OUT, which was short in length but offered up plenty of suspenseful moments and clever action set ups. I will be looking forward to all his upcoming productions and cross my fingers that he will continue his streaks in carrying on making awesome horror flicks into the future.