INGRID GOES WEST is an exercise of uncomfortability

The sensation of watching Ingrid Goes West is like watching two of your best friends arguing in front of a big crowd of people who know them intimately. It was cringeworthy throughout, like seeing a trainwreck happening in front of you over, and over again.
Maybe that is the whole point to the movie. Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen were born to be in their roles in this movie. The strong supporting casts are equally awesome in making this movie work. By the end of the movie, you realize every person in this movie is a scene stealer. However, Aubrey Plaza is the queen bee in the whole troupe, she’s the one who make you squirm on your seat throughout the movie and that’s no small feat. Elizabeth Olsen, in her second major movie release within two weeks (Wind River out last week, and now Ingrid Goes West out this weekend), is perfectly cast as the instagram star that made Ingrid moved west to stalk her. I have a fleeting expectation going into this movie and came out of it feeling rather entertained.