The amazing THE NILE HILTON INCIDENT, a must see!!!

What made foreign movies great are the experience you reap from seeing through the eyes of the foreign filmmakers who are showing you their world the way it is, no candy coated, no “Hollywoodized”.
To me, a bad foreign movies are the ones who “Hollywoodized” their movies trying to be as cool as their Hollywood-made counterparts of the same genre. Sadly, I have been seeing a lot of these type of foreign movies which mostly originated from India and Hong Kong and Japan, some Korea.
What I love about The Nile Hilton Incident is that this movie portray the every day life of Cairo as it is. It shows the city with it’s warts and all. The super corrupt judicial system and the police force, the awful, beyond-amateur evidence gathering procedure, and the danger the underworld prostitution racket that blackmail the rich and powerful through the sexual act footages taken from a hidden camera in a modern swanky bordello flat. I don’t want to give any spoiler except to reiterate how good this movie is. Go see it if it is playing near you. It will take you on a ride through the corrupted Egyptian society and by the way you survived the ride, you will be thankful to live in a first world country where law and order works and still have a semblance of civility.