LOGAN LUCKY – The working class version of Ocean’s 11…sort of

Daniel Craig as Joe Bang being cornered by the Warden Burns played by Dwight Yoakam

Steven Soderbergh is definitely one of the most talented director in Hollywood who also act as the cinematographer for all his movies.
I mean this cat can frame and light a scene to make a mundane set up look very interesting. This ability is apparent throughout Logan Lucky where the locations in the entire movie are just average everyday places that you had probably frequented or walked by all the time. The cast was top notch character actors who live their roles like a worn pair of jeans. Case in point, Channing Tatum get all fat and doughy as Jimmy Logan and you can tell Daniel Craig is having a fun time playing this Joe Bang character. It’s worth the price of admission just to see these actors playing against type. The movie itself though, is slow going until the last third of it when the actual heist took place. The trailer make it look like a rollicking dry comedy but taking in all the dry humor scenes in context of the entire movie, the chuckles are far and few in between. That’s kudos to the person who cut the trailer and able to make it look very funny throughout. I won’t dismiss this movie because I was not bored while watching it. I just expect it to be much funnier with a briskier pace.