Patti Cake$ throbs with life beats

A movie like Patti Cake$ is the testament that you don’t need a big Hollywood budget to create an entertaining movie. You can see on screen that this movie was thoughtfully made with small budget. It’s got gritty, grimy location with lots of lighting set up that look like they barely had time to think about where to set up the C Stand and what color correction gels to use. The scenes look like they were shot in one take and the soundtrack sounded like it’s culled from a second rate mix tape. Amazingly, all that worked together cohesively to create a raw, authentic, interesting, and entertaining piece of cinema.
The main casts have amazing chemistry which lift this movie up to a higher level. Danielle Macdonald give it all she got to turn Killa P character into a living breathing character that the audience root for.
Many people will attempt to compare this movie to 8 Miles. I think this movie is another beast altogether. A more low key version of Rapper’s dream come to life. The final show down also was not as bombastic as the one in 8 Miles but effective just as well. I am not the one to put spoiler in my movie review but this movie end in a more realistic and satisfactory conclusion.