Mother! is a mind f@&k of a movie

Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Um what?<br>
What did I just watched? Mother! was to me, a brilliant piece of cinema mindscrew thrill-ride through a two-hours escapism, if you let it. It obviously provoke you to search a deeper meaning into the story and everyone come out of it with a different take of their own. I guess, based on these different description to the meaning of the movie,  it reflect each person’s mindframe, personalities, and where they are in their own lives. I spent the first 20 minutes of the movie wondering where this movie is going because there is no obvious sign given during the early part of this movie where this story is heading. I was a bit bored and almost dozed off from watching the constant close up of J Law’s flawlessly CGI retouched face to make her look ethereal thoughout the movie (except towards the end).

One person told me it’s about the birth of Jesus and J Law character is the Virgin Mary. I beg to differ. Let me know what your take is after you watched the movie. I am very curious on your take of it.