IT, the new classic

I did not expect to like this movie as much as I do. This is a perfect example of a good movie. Good movie will connect with the audiences and transcend it’s own genre to become a favorite of moviegoers and dare I say, over time, categorized as a classic.

I have never seen the original IT movie or any of the Tseries that the Stephen King classic horror novel inspired. Not for the lack of trying, because I attempted to watch the movie version and practically abandoned it half way through due to boredom and my ability to lose myself in the story. It did not help that the actors’ were not sympathetic in their roles and the flashback/flashforward was killing the momentum of the film itself.

The new version of It has the advantage of telling the story in proper sequence by not mixing the main characters in two different eras. It squarely focused on the time when these characters were kids and banded together to defend themselves.
I did not expect this movie to be so funny either. There were quite a few genuinely laugh-out-loud moments throughout the movie and my fellow movie audiences did not held back on their laughters when they happened.

I was watching IT after watching MOTHER! the day before and I think it is a mistake if people are trying to compare both movies to see which is a better one to watch. Both are very different movies on their own rights and convey different themes and messages on the underlying story line. If I have my way, I would not categorize MOTHER! at all. I think it defy classification aside from being called “original”. I have to agree MOTHER! fall into that group. While IT is just a totally satisfying movie going experience because you will surely get your money’s worth and your time well spent watching it.