Friend Request will make u think twice before adding someone new in your social circle

I was not sure if I should watch this movie because I did not heard much about this before it’s released in cinemas.
Since I am running out of things to watch in current cinema offering and have some time to spare, I watched it in my local cinema with comfy reclining seat.
The late night showing was surprisingly crowded on a Friday night.
I have to admit, the social media premise put me off initially. It seems like a movie that is geared to the millenials who can’t live without their smartphone.
However, the back story and the explanation to the origin of evil actually made sense and the story line is not confusing at all to add up.
It also help that the movie jumped right into the heart of the matter at the opening scene, and then flashback to the event that lead to the opening scene in the movie. This type of editing make the movie move swiftly and more dynamic. So is this a great movie? I wouldn’t go that far but I was able to focus throughout the entire movie without being bored.
As a comparison, I fell asleep during KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE half an hour into it…and I stayed up throughout the entire run of Friend Request because I was intrique to find out the why, how, and ending to this movie.