Blade Runner 2049 – A more-than-worthy successor

Full disclosure, unlike most sci-fi enthusiasts, I am not a big fan of the first Blade Runner. Let me explain. I was very young when the first movie came out and have not live in the western world long enough to understand the culture and nuance of that first movie. I remember walking out of the first Blade Runner feeling cheated because I thought there would be a lot of action scenes in it. I felt the same way with the first, original Alien. What a slow, prodding movie, I thought. Why did it get such a big hoo haa in the west and did not live up to my expectation when I finally watched it.
Fast forward 15 years later when I finally re watched it. I could appreciate the story line but I still think Blade Runner was a slow movie and the director’s cut did not really help changed my mind.
Mind you, by that time, some better, more CGI advanced movies had come and gone.
So back to the current Blade Runner sequel, the 2049, which happened to be directed by my current favorite director and the best cinematographer working to date (Roger Deakins).
I could not pass this one up. Denis Villeneuve had never made a bad movie in his entire career. I don’t know how he did it. I mean… look at his resume: Polytechnic, Incendies (one of my favorite movie of all time!!!), Prisoners, Enemy, The arrivals, Sicario (another favorite), and now this! This guy is the master of mood and pacing.
Incidentally, if you are going to watch Blade Runner 2049, make sure you don’t drink any liquid before going in because this movie is 3 hours long including the trailers.
Back to the new Blade Runner, is it good? Yes! Is it slow? Yes. Is it a total eye candy of cinematography? Yes. Is it worth watching in cinema? Yes. Is there a twist and turn to the storyline? Yes. Should you watch it in 3D IMAX? I wouldn’t go that far. a normal version in the big screen is sufficient to get lost in the experience.
All in all, the story itself is a worthy successor of the original version.
Here is another PSA: you need to have watched the first Blade Runner to fully get the sequel. The film maker assume you already seen the original movie and are familiar with all the characters from the first movie when they created this sequel. If you did not watch the first one and jump right into this one, boy, you are in for one confusing experience. So go back to your garage and dig up the video cassette that you stashed away somewhere and re watch the original Blade Runner to refresh your memory before diving into this awesome sequel.