Goodbye Christopher Robin – The Origin story of Winnie The Pooh

A friend predicted that it will be a tear-jerker before I went to the advance screening of Goodbye Christopher Robin. I have to say that she was correct, but not in the reason that she predicted. Ultimately, this movie is really about the toll of fame on the Milne family, especially on little Christopher Robin Milne, who was the inspiration to the characters in Winnie the Pooh story. Having knowing not a shred of information on the origin of Winnie The Pooh, this is a treasure chest of informative on the origin of the adorable bear character.
For fans of Winnie The Pooh, I say go and discover the triumph and heartbreak of the real characters whose life were surrounded by the popularity of the literary books.
Aside from the adorable Will Tilston, the child who play Christopher Robin at aged 8, I find the rest of the actors and actresses were miscast in this movie and a more seasoned director would lift this movie to a higher level and amped up key scenes for better dramatic fluorishes.
In the end, the young Will Tilston stole all the scenes that she’s in because the audiences will be willing to invest their emotion to follow along his life journey’s throughout the movie despite the neglect and ignorance he experienced from the people surrounding him.
Domhnall Gleason, who is an excellent actor, received a very rigid instruction to play his character as an emotionally deprived character who is distanced from his son and wife. It probably read okay in the book but play horribly bad on screen.
I wish there is a do-over because it could be a more memorable movie going experience than what this movie ended up being.
Now excuse me when I take the pilgrimage to the New York Public Library and pay tribute the original dolls of Winnie The Pooh and his companions, who currently reside in the library’s Children’s Room.

If you are interested in an article about the real Christopher Robin who is currently alive and well in England, click here.