Happy Death Day – A fun spin on a familiar genre

I admit it, the trailer with the 50 Cent rap got me wanting to watch this movie despite the played-out, groundhog day storyline. The second reason for me to watch this movie is the lead, Jessica Rothe. U need someone who is magnetic and charismatic to carry this movie because she is in every single frame of the movie and Jessica fit the bill nicely. It is refreshing to watch a movie with new talents in it and as I had mentioned before in past posts, a horror movie need unfamiliar faces in order to make the audiences feel every character is disposable, which in turn create the needed suspense and tension in the movie. This is not so much a horror movie per se, it is more a detective movie hiding in a horror genre. The fun part is figuring out whodunit. Like all the decent suspense detective movie, a twist in the third act is mandatory. So there is a twist in this movie as well. Although I felt like they could end the movie with the discovery of the supposed perpetrator. In any case, this movie is fun to watch and the new spin on the tired ol’ premise serves it well.