The chilly reception for The Snowman is no fluke

The first question I had in my head when I walked out of the advance screening of The Snowman was ” What went wrong with this movie?”.
The overwhelmingly awful reviews hurled by critics toward this movie were no fluke. This movie is really THAT BAD. Hell, even the director who made it came out and try to explain why this movie is bad before the movie is released to the public. His reasoning was that the production did not have enough time to shoot all the scenes needed and during the editing process, they realized they missed a few days’ worth of shoot which could help tie the movie together. Well be that as it may, they should not even release this movie until they correct their problem having already realized the issue with this film during post production process.
Suffice to say that this movie was very poorly paced and disjointed with one of the most ridiculous way a villain met his/her demise.
This is 2 for 2 on bad choices Michael Fassbender made in selecting movie material. The other one was Assassin’s Creed, another utterly incomprehensible movie with big budget visual brouhaha but zero pacing coherence and another ridiculous third act to end the film. There is zero suspense or intrigue to Assassin’s Creed but that is another article altogether.
Anywho, avoid this film at all cost and go watch Happy Death Day if you want to be entertained or see The Killing Of A Sacred Deer, if you want to feel depress and totally creeeped out. I will review that movie in the next post.