The Creepy sensation of watching The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

Some movie do not have any gore or jump-out-to-spook gimmick to effectively creep the devil out of you. The Killing Of A Sacred Deer is this type of movie. A high brow, Exorcise-type of movie that take itself very seriously and you couldn’t help but react in kind. No matter that the story is quite high-concept for this day-of-age mindset audiences who will be watching it. The movie move fluidly yet slowly to reveal the core storyline and you get a more and more uncomfortable feeling as you progress through the hour until the shocking final third act of the movie. To enjoy this film though, you need to leave logic at home and suspend your disbelief to go with the flow of the story set up. But it is not as bad as Mother! where that movie want you to throw out logic completely out the window be irrational to follow the storyline.
The casting of Barry Keoghan as Martin is the very definition of perfect casting. The way he talked and moved and his lizard-y stare effectively creep you out throughout all the scene he is in. He is the horror in this movie, everyone else were just there to succumb to his wrath.
Would I recommend this movie? It is not for everybody but if you want to experience a foreboding sensation for 2 hours, this is the movie to watch.