Darkest Hour: or as I would call it “Gary Oldman’s Best Actor Oscar-winning movie”

The 90th Academy Award hasn’t take place until March 4th but as far as I’m concern, the best actor race is already a foregone conclusion after I watched THE DARKEST HOUR starring Gary Oldman.
I wasn’t expecting much going into this movie because there had been a couple recent movies about Churchill. I was wondering what this version could add into the Winston Churchill mythology.
That’s why I was pleasantly surprise this movie held my attention throughout the movie and Mr. Oldman’s trasnformation into Churchill is nothing short of extraordinary.
The storyline and pacing was in perfect pitch and all the supporting characters in the movie were simply brilliant, especially Lily James as Churchill’s typist and Ben Mendelsohn as King Edward VI.
There is one very touching scene in the movie which that scene alone is worth the price of admission.
There is an interesting BTS fact that Gary Oldman told about his transformation into Churchill.
He sought out a very talented but retired prothetic make up and hair designer called Kazuhiro Tsuji who had worked on Benjamin Button, to do the make up transformation. Gary was adamant and pled for Kazuhiro to come out of retirement to work with him in the Darkest Hour. The resulted transformation was simply astounding.
There are critics who disputed this movie as wildly inaccurate to the historical facts but I say go see it for the top notch acting and well paced storyline filled with equal measure of suspense and charm.