The Shape Of Water – another Guillermo Del Toro classic

If you like Pan’s Labyrinth, you are going to LOVE The Shape Of Water. It has that same tone, intensity, and wry humor that are trademark Del Toro. In this times of hopeless reality that we can’t change, Del Toro gifted us with a brief escape into his fantasy world with The Shape Of Water. Made with a fraction of what Justice League would cost, it has more heart, romance, and overall wit than a movie that cost 10 times more to make.
It’s no surprise the movie received enthusiastic hand claps and cheers from the audiences at the end of the screening I was in. Every character in the movie had well-rounded roles to make this an ensemble movie in an adult fantasy (I wouldn’t call this sci-fi) genre. Make no mistake, this is an adult movie through and through. It involves full nudity, brief gore, plus violent confrontation that might scare up the little ones, so be forewarn.
All that shouldn’t stop you though, go see it at the arthouse theatres near you.